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Please find below our kids party details and answers to most of your questions. If you've already booked the softplay, disregard the message below.


Before booking the party, ensure you've secured the required softplay slot using the link:


We only manage the restaurant, not softplay bookings. Book the softplay in advance, as many clients are struggling to find slots on their desired dates.


Caloroso restaurant, 1 Triumph road, London, E65LW (inside East London Gymnastics Centre, 1st floor) 


 £55. This is a separate fee which is paid on top of the final food bill. 


1 HOUR. We also allow 15 minutes before and after the party for decorations and leaving preparations.  


£50 per hour. If not taken then we will reserve some space inside our restaurant for other potential eat-in customers.Tables to the left as you enter the restaurant will be reserved for other potential eat-in customers and the area to the right will be reserved for the party.


Saturday: (5pm- 6pm) - (6.30pm-7.30pm)  

Sunday: (1.15pm-2.15pm) - (2.45pm-3.45pm) - (4.15pm-5.15pm) - (5.45pm-6.45pm)


Playing your own music is available on our speaker box or we can put some music for you. You can also bring an usb stick with pictures/videos and we can play them for you on our TV. If you are bringing an entertainer please let us know in advance (only available in conjunction with a private hire option).


We allow guests to bring their own decorations as long as they are attached to the walls securely and also removed without leaving marks at the end of the party. Glitter, confetti or silly string decorations are not allowed. We reserve the right to end the party early if either of these are used since it is time consuming to clean and the time to prepare the room for the next party is limited. Please communicate this to all the members of the party. 


We do not sell alcohol and we do not allow any alcohol brought into our premises.


Birthday cake only allowed. We have an extensive food and beverages menu to choose from for both kids and adults and we can accommodate most dietary requirements (ie Vegan, Vegetarian, Halal, different allergen requirements)


Bank transfer or cash. Payment to be made after the party is finished. £50 deposit to be paid upfront not later than one week before the event (cash or bank transfer). The deposit will be deducted from the final bill at the end of the party.


TIPS: 100%  of tips go to our staff. 


Reusable kidsafe plastic assorted colours mugs and plates provided. You can also bring yours in case you prefer so (ie themed single use cups/plates). If you prefer to bring yours(ie you want to bring party themed single use crockery) please let us know in advance.  


If notice is given at least 5 days before the party there will be no charge otherwise we reserve the right to keep the deposit depending on the circumstances. 


 If any guests (kids or adults) have any allergies, please come and speak to a member of staff before the party starts.


We charge £8 per child and each child receives:

  • 2 slices of Margherita or Pepperoni pizza or a mix of both (all our pizzas are 12" cut in 6 slices)

  • 1 portion of chips

  • 4 pcs of starter mix ( mozzarella sticks, chicken nuggets, fish fingers). It can be just one option or a mix, up to you. You can also choose to have extra pizza or extra veggie sticks instead of starters if this is what you prefer.  

  • Veggie sticks

  • Unlimited Squash or you can choose an optional upgrade: +£0.8 per child for Capri-Sun, +£1.5 per child for Tropicana orange juice.

  • (optional extra) Rainbow Fruit Skewers Platter: (20-25 skewers).Price per platter - £20. Please check the link below for images.

There is also an option to choose the food from our normal menu. There is a minimum order amount which will apply in this case. To calculate the minimum order amount you need to multiply the number of kids attending to £8 (which is the price we charge for one kid food package). 


All food will be presented on the table as shared platters.


East London Gymnastics club has private parking available which normally fits everyone. In those rare instances when all parking spaces are taken there is an option to park inside ASDA car park (3 hours free parking). 


 If you want to order extra food for adults you can see our full menu on our website We can accommodate different dietary requirements: Vegan, Vegetarian, Halal, Gluten-Free. Please check our Pizza Meal Deals which are only available for parties as an eat-in option ( otherwise only available for takeaway or delivery). Our pizzas are quite famous in the area, dough is always made in house daily. We also serve barista made coffees and teas and a wide range of beverages.  You can also make food orders during the party however it is best to make the bulk of the order in advance if you want  all food to be served at the same time. Extra food and drinks can be ordered during the party. 


There are separate male and female toilets available on both floors. 


To proceed with your booking, kindly reserve a slot at our restaurant and submit the required deposit. Following this, you will receive a confirmation email containing a form to provide party details.

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